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    Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ? ? ? ?Tel:?+86(531)-83877197

    Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

    Tel: +86(531)-83877197

    Fax: +86(531)-83877197

    Quality is the capital of enterprise survival. To satisfy customer and technical requirements, only high quality products in the market that we will be recognized by customer.
    Our engineers and technicians attend all kinds of professional trainings and keep an eyes on the development of current technology to maintain the products’ lastest technical standard.



    The experienced Baimai?Cranes team supports you well beyond service needs. Experts are available to discuss the aspects of any crane or any project you’re working on. We can provide?tips on everything from crane selection to the best setup for both safety and productivity on the job. In short, Baimai?isn’t just a manufacturer, it’s a world-class company before, during and after the sale.?

    Baimai?is fully committed to responsive equipment maintenance and service. The warranty of our tower cranes is 12 months, and we supply 7x24 hours free technical support and consult , if there is any technical problem, we will help you figure it out immediately.

    We thoroughly inspect every section of equipment for structural, electrical, and mechanical problems as it arrives to our factory. All maintenance, repairs, and inspections are documented by qualified inspectors in factory and tracked in our quality control database.?

    During warranty period, we provide maintenance or spare parts for replace once there is any malfunction due to design, craft or materials. We will pay a return visit regularly to know about the using conditions and to make sure the normal operation of the equipment. If there is any accessories problems, please contact us immediately, we will arrange with you after consultation for your replacement.

    We will provide free technical consult to exclude the fear of worries in the rear for clients. If required, we can dispatch engineers to help you get the installation and setting jobs done.

    We will arrange 40 HQ containers for tower crane, wooden cage for electrical parts, steel box for small parts. You can entrust us to buy insurance before shipment or add the insurance by yourself. If you have special requirements, please contact us freely, we will arrange for you the appropriate mode of transport.

    If there is any problem about our products and service, please send Email to us : service@bmtowercrane.com


    Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.