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    Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ? ? ? ?Tel:?+86(531)-83877197

    Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

    Tel: +86(531)-83877197

    Fax: +86(531)-83877197

    Quality is the capital of enterprise survival. To satisfy customer and technical requirements, only high quality products in the market that we will be recognized by customer.
    Our engineers and technicians attend all kinds of professional trainings and keep an eyes on the development of current technology to maintain the products’ lastest technical standard.



       The 2nd China-Asia-Europe Expo was held ceremoniously in Xinjiang International Exhibition Center on 2nd September 2012. Baimai, the dragonhead enterprise of the constryction machinery industry, has 32 products exhibited this time. The products of Baimai are extremely popular in Xinjiang.    
    Compared with the 1st China-Asia-Europe Expo, the 2nd Expo is higher, larger and more profound in terms of level, scale and influence. It is an important strategic measure taken by the Party Central Committee and the State Council so as to further speed up the pace of opening up along the border and westward, accelerate the rate of making Xinjiang a bridgehead of opening-up westward and ensure great-leap-forward development and lasting political stability of Xinjiang. Baimai is a leading enterprise in Chinese construction machinery industry with the largest scale, the most diversified products, the strongest competitiveness and the most significant influence.
       Xinjiang and Central Asia are always the strategic market of Baimai. This is the sixth time that Baimai has participated in such expo if Urumchi Negotiation Meeting, the predecessor of Asia-Europe Expo is included. In this exhibition, with meticulous preparation, Baimai has exhibited a wide range of products like hammer head tower crane, top kit tower crane, luffing jib tower crane, hosit cabin etc.  The machinery of Baimai has significantly promoted the construction and development of Xinjiang. Meanwhile, thanks to the geographic advantages of Xinjiang, Baimai also has a high market share in Central Asia; in this sense, Xinjiang has greatly facilitated Baimai to become a large company.

    Baimai participates in 2012 Asia-Europe Expo
    Time : 2012/09/05


    Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.